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My sweet boy was plucked off the streets of Taichung with a broken jaw and a broken spirit. The shy boy’s jaw was stuck open leaving him unable to eat, drink or defend himself on the cruel streets. The kind volunteers of a local rescue team rescued him off the streets and spent months nurturing his body and spirit back to health. Then the volunteers posted a video that sealed the deal for me. This video showed Nike bouncing about gleefully greeting the resident vet. In the span of two months, he had gone from a certain death to finding joy for the simplest of greetings. It was an incredible transformation. I knew at that moment this quirky looking boy with a wonky jaw was mine and I was his. I searched for a name to fit this little guy and NIKE jumped off the page. More than a brand of shoes, Nike is the Greek Spirit of Victory, a spirit Nike fully embodied.


Every day Nike brings light, love, and laughs not only to me but to all those we encounter. He has opened many doors to new experiences, new people, new ideas and new learnings. Nike has that certain star quality that brings smiles to mouths of strangers and make people fall in love with him at first sight. When he is able to greet people on the streets I beam with pride that this little fearful pup can now find trust in humans. Nike now eats better food and sleeps in more comfort than some humans…and he deserves it.


My love for him knows no bounds. He deserves all the pampering in the world he’s my little Prince.





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