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“Thank you”, what a lovely phrase!


Just as we were swamped with 2013 World Press Photo Exhibition from the Netherlands, Jenny Hsu and her friend Mayumi Hu approached us with the idea of giving voice to the voiceless — Taiwan’s homeless animals. Thanks to these two animal lovers, we heard so many touching tales of unsung heroes who opened their hearts and homes to these unwanted animals. We want to recognize all the animal rescuers everywhere for their selfless services. As we were weaving all these wonderful stories into a small exhibit, the first phrase that came to our mind was “thank you.”


Thank you, dear animals, for becoming such an integral member of many families.


The sweet joy of each adopted animal and their families is palpable in each story contained in this edition. A big thanks to everyone who shared their tender affection for animals through words and pictures. We also appreciate the volunteers of all ages whose contributions made this exhibit possible. Most of all, we thank God for granting us the energy, intellect and love as we continue our efforts to fill the world with more warmth and purpose. Lastly, we want to dedicate George Graham Vest’s “A Tribute to Dogs” to all those who are doing their best to improve the lives of animals everywhere.



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